2017 Behind the Scenes

December 18, 2017

It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the year, the one where it’s a bunch of photos showing what life is like for me behind the camera and working with my clients.  One of my goals for this year was get more photos of me behind the scenes, so I asked my amazing second shooters to try and capture some images for me (as long as there weren’t more important moments happening at that moment).  This year was a big one for me personally as well as for Spencer Studios.  I moved into shooting full time (!) which was a big step and was something that I’ve been working toward since opening the business in 2009.  It was a year of growth, but also a big confidence builder for me…I really feel like this was the first year were I was consistently able to kill it for every single client.


Putting together this post is always fun for me.  It’s such a blast to remember each of my weddings throughout the year, and enjoy the special moments I had with those clients.  I have some great stories to go along with a lot of these photos, so if you’re curious about something don’t be afraid to ask in the comments!  Also, I learned some interesting things about myself; I sometimes stand in the weirdest positions while shooting to get the perfect shot (bent over, crossed legs, etc), I smile a lot behind the camera, and I might need a couple of new outfits so I don’t wear the same striped dress to every wedding (but it has pockets!).  Please enjoy this little look into what this past year looked like for Spencer Studios!



Thank you so much to all of my photographer friends who shot with me this year!!  It means so much to have such amazing support on wedding days, and these photos are all pretty spectacular.  Thank you so much Sara Foote, Becca Collins, Neyan Babani, Daniel Dunlap, Mikayla Garner, Adri Guyer, Megan Hemphill, & Emily Steele.


Also, I try to take a photo with all of my wedding clients during their engagement session and wedding.  I didn’t get them all, because sometimes I just forget (I can be more focused on other things), but I remembered to do this more this year!  That might be because my clients were all pretty awesome 🙂 I seriously love each and every one of these amazing clients, because I wouldn’t be able to have this job without them!



This will be my last post for 2017, but have some pretty big and fun things on the horizon for 2018!  Thank you for being on this journey with me 🙂




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