2018 Behind the Scenes

December 31, 2018

This past year has been a doozy.  Not only did I have the most weddings I’ve ever had, but I also broke my left humerus only a few weddings into the year.  I cannot believe it’s already almost 2019, but I’m so excited about this behind the scenes post.  This is one of my favorite posts every year because it gives me a chance to share a little look into what I do.  I think one of the biggest fears people have about their wedding photography is that the process will be painful, awkward, and the worst part about their day.  But for my weddings, this just isn’t the case!  I even had a couple this year who were not looking forward to the photos say it was one of their favorite parts of the day…score!  I LOVE my clients, and I thrive on the relationships I build with each and every couple.  These photos get to show that side of what wedding photos are really like.


I’ve had so many people ask how I was able to continue shooting with a broken humerus.  The short answer…with a lot of help and one good arm.  I broke my humerus in May (the how is a much longer story) and had a wedding two weeks later.  The first step was to call my clients for the next few months to give them a heads up that I was injured, but I’d still be there for their day.  The last thing I wanted was for them to find out via social media and panic.  The second step was to cut down my equipment so it was as light as possible, figure out I needed to use a monopod for the heaviest lens, and purchase a couple of new pieces of equipment to assist in my ability to do my job.  This meant I got the expensive rolley bag I’d been wanting for years!  As my husband said, “now is the best time for that purchase!” And lastly, I had to get help.  I was trying to find an assistant to help me carry things when my husband told me I was being ridiculous, and that he would be there as long as I needed him.  Talking about this part brings me to tears a bit because it really shows why marriage is amazing!  My husband gave up Saturdays, sweat through his nice clothes, and assisted me at weddings for the next 2.5 months.  He learned how to take lenses on and off, set up light stands, and  was by my side holding things and reminding me about meds constantly.  He did whatever I needed to get the shot; even helping hold my arm out of the way or hold the camera to steady it for a ring shot.  This would not have been possible without him.  Also, my second photographers went above and beyond.  They would carry things, help with stuff I normally would never ask for, and I even had to have one of my seconds cut my meat at dinner (don’t worry, there’s a photo of this happening below).


Turns out, the shooting part of this job wasn’t the hardest hurdle.  Shooting is just a day; an exhausting and difficult day yes, but manageable.   Everything else it takes to run a business day in and day out was the much harder part to handle with this injury.  I know it probably seems like it’s just a broken arm, people do this all the time!  But a broken humerus is a whole different ballgame. Because of how this injury effects everything from your fingers to your spine I really could only sit in a very specific position, and anything else couldn’t be tolerated for long.  Thus, I couldn’t sit at my computer for more than an hour or so a day for months.  Not to mention I had to do everything without my left hand.  You never know how much you use both hands until you lose one.  For awhile I did voice-to-text on everything (sorry husband, who got to hear the text of every message, post, and email).  I had to prioritize the parts of my business that were most important (editing) over the other stuff (goodbye social media presence).  I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because I know that in the grand scheme the 6 months I was negatively effected came and went and though I’m still trying to play catch up I know this will all be over soon. The hardest thing was knowing I couldn’t be there for my clients or my business the way I wanted.  As the list of sessions and weddings needing to be edited grew and grew, it made my heart sink every time I saw that list sitting next to my computer.  It was something out of my control, but it was so hard every day I was late on delivery, took way longer to respond to emails, or realized I hadn’t posted any blog posts for this year’s weddings.  For my clients, who were so understanding and patient, THANK YOU!  I really have amazing people I get to serve, and the grace I was given this year has astounded me.


Now, on to the photos (which is why you came to check out this post)!  This year you’ll see trips to Colorado and New York.  Wedding days with big and small bridal parties, in every type of weather, and always with lots of joy. You’ll see more outfits than last year (I bought some new clothes after every photo last year was in the same dress), some bare feet, and a lot of the back of my head.  Some awkward faces at my second shooters while they set their lights for the reception (we always step in to help each other get ready)and that one time I got COVERED in champagne which was totally worth it. And you’ll see a lot of my super cute brace 🙂



THANK YOU to all of my amazing second photographers who shot by my side, helped me carry things, and took all of these beautiful photos of me: Sara Foote, Adri Guyer, Neyan Babani, Alyssa Barletter, Aubrey Callahan, Ashley Fielding, Noelle Ireland-Bielak, Marissa Licarione, Brigitte Patterson, and Kelsi Scheel.  Also, each and every wedding day would not be possible without the other wedding vendors that give their heart and soul!  THANK YOU to those vendors, especially Emily Love Events, Pretty & Planned Events, Chappelow Events, Wild Hill Flowers & Events, Simple Elegance, Amanda Ready, Hello Lovely, White Carpet Bride, Something White Bridal Boutique, The Grand Hall, Levity Events, Good Earth Floral, and Ultrapom Event Rental.



(Aren’t you glad you made it to the bottom to see Noelle cutting my steak?  We’ve got to be able to laugh at ourselves!)


Now, on to 2019!  New weddings, new lovely couples, and more working with the best weddings vendors you’ll find anywhere 🙂



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