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March 11, 2021

Almost exactly a year ago, I spent a day at Kansas City Aerial Arts to photograph a handful of their artists! If you don’t know, I’m also an aerialist with this company (and you can see a couple photos I was able to take of myself that day!) It was such a blast getting to work with these lovely folks, and getting to combine two of my passions in one project is just the best!

Little did we know this would be the last time we would be in the air for months. I left the studio that night with an email canceling rehearsal the next day, and then soon after everything was shut down. It’s honestly a bit surreal thinking about it even now.

I have some BIG THINGS happening over here in my little business that I cannot wait to share, and I’m so excited that these things include shooting more artists this year and in the future! I’ve got a few T’s to cross and I’s to dot, so I can’t quite share but for now, check out these amazingly powerful performers <3

Are you an artist in Kansas City who would like some portraits of you doing what you love? Reach out and tell me what you’re passionate about! I’m offering a Pay What You Can deal for artists, due to the current shortage of work in this industry!

Aerial Studio – Kansas City Aerial Arts


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