Alex & Jess | Downtown Kansas City Engagement Session

July 18, 2017

Alex & Jess started dating in high school, but have actually known each other since pre-school…talk about the love of your life!  Their love grew through high school lunch table conversations, playing games, and silliness.  On a trip to the Garden of the Gods, Jess was suspicious he was going to propose.  Their proposal story I think says a lot about who they are as a couple.  From Jess’s perspective: after getting ready to go that morning, “I eyed him…suspiciously. I then proceeded to give him a pat down, making sure no ring sized boxes were in his pockets. Not finding anything, I wiped away my suspicion and we left for hiking! We had been at the Garden of the Gods for no more than 20 minutes, when we found a spot atop the rocks with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. I was attempting to figure out how to do panorama mode on my camera, and paid no attention to him frantically rustling through his pockets behind me. Unable to figure it out I turn around to ask for help, and SURPRISE!! Staring up at me, from on one knee, eyes glistening, hands out stretched, holding a box, with a ring was my soon to be Fiancé. He said, “Will you marry me?” I laughed; called him a dork, kissed him, and said yes!”


These two definitely see the joy in life, don’t take themselves too seriously, and it really makes them so much fun to be around.  They are silly, but also romantic and passionate.  They didn’t really need time to relax during their session, because they are so comfortable with each other and who they are together.  I had such an amazing time photographing them for their engagement session in downtown Kansas City!!



These two will be getting married at the Arterra Event Gallery in Lawrence Kansas in just a few weeks!  I can’t wait for their big day.



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