Family Photo Gallery Wall

June 10, 2020

It will surprise no-one when I say I love photos, specifically family photos. There is something so special about old photos and show people, and the relationships you have with them, especially when those people have left us. Obviously I invest in high quality equipment to take high quality photos, but that doesn’t mean I don’t adore photos of the people that I love just because they are dark or grainy.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to use some of my favorite family photos to create a gallery wall for my husband and I. It’s important to remember where you came from every day, as you build a life. The 2020 quarantine has given me the time to finally put together this gallery and I couldn’t be more excited!

It started with choosing the best photos from both my husband and my family archives. Then I edited those photos in black and white, and made sure they all looked balanced together. Then I had to bit of restoration with the super old photos; I don’t claim to be a pro at this but I can do enough to get by for personal projects like this 🙂

Then I printed, framed, and (with the help of my wonderful husband) hung them in our hallway. I walk by these photos every day and they always make me smile. I can’t wait to tell stories of these people and memories to our future children.

Here are just a few quick iPhone photos of the gallery, the process, and our cat who just has to be part of whatever is happening 🙂

Have questions about making a gallery wall of your own? Hit me up in the comments!!


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