Jack & Ashley | Liberty Memorial KC Champagne Engagement Session

April 21, 2021

I always ask couples that I’m meeting with how they met. It’s the first of MANY questions that I ask to start getting to know them and their love story. When I asked this question of Jack & Ashley they gave each other a knowing look and Ashley said “Jack, you tell this one. You tell it so well.” I knew immediately I was in for a ride.

Here is the story from Ashley’s perspective…

“Jack and I met when I came to Kansas City from Iowa for my sister’s bachelorette party. Us girls were out at Power & Light hitting up the bars and playing a picture scavenger hunt. One of the “items” my team needed was a picture of the bride with a guy who has the same name as her now husband, John. While we were sitting at a table, a couple of guys from a random bachelor party came to talk to us, they introduced their group and I noticed they had a lot of “J” names so I jokingly asked if they also had a John. Jack responded saying his name was John but since he had just introduced himself as Jack, I demanded to see his driver’s license. Sure enough, his real name is John so I went to take a picture of him and my sister but before I did, I told him he was cute. He says he melted at that. After the picture our two groups conjoined just so that Jack and I could keep talking the rest of the evening.  At the end of the night, we didn’t exchange numbers (there was joking about it but we lived 3.5 hours apart so it didn’t seem feasible) but promptly after leaving, we both knew we’d made a mistake. We frantically searched for each other on facebook with little luck (I couldn’t remember Jack’s last name and I have a REALLY common name combination) but finally I found him the next day and we haven’t stopped talking since and now we live happily in Kansas City together.”

My favorite part of when Jack told it (that Ashley didn’t mention) is that after he tried finding her on social, because of the common name he just gave up. He thought that he’d never find this amazing girl that he’d met and maybe it was just destined to be one amazing night. And a few minutes later, he got the friend request from Ashley. Heart officially melted!

Last summer the three of us got together to have a champagne picnic! I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but it absolutely is now! These two were just a joy to hang out with for an evening, as we enjoyed the summer warmth and a little bit of bubbly!

Jack & Ashley were one of my many couples who have been effected by the postponements of 2020. These two sweethearts have been so gracious as they’ve postponed…twice. I am unbelievably excited for their wedding day this August at UNION!!

Location – Liberty Memorial in Kansas City


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