Jake & Megan | Kessler Park Kansas City Engagement Session

March 14, 2017

Jake & Megan met through a mutual friend.  They both knew that the other person must be pretty cool to be friends with their mutual friend, so they gave it a try.  On their first date, they just couldn’t stop hanging out with each other.  Friday turned into a whole weekend, and at that point Jake knew that she was the one…and the rest is history.  They love to adventure and explore life together, which has recently included a new love of rock climbing.  They will soon be on a pretty awesome adventure together as they move to Las Vegas, where there will be a lot of amazing opportunities for hiking and rock climbing!!


We decided to do their engagement session at Kessler Park, where they like to walk their dog and go bike ridding.  We also finished off at their rock climbing gym for a bit of fun 🙂



Special thanks to RoKC Climbing for allowing us to photograph these two in their element!!  It was a really cool rock climbing gym with all sorts of options for people of all levels, and is defiantly somewhere I’m going to check out in my free time.  Anyone want to go rock climbing with me??



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