Nate & Bethany | Downtown Kansas City Engagement Session

March 27, 2018

Nate & Bethany began their friendship through the serving window at the restaurant they both worked at.  This friendship, full of laughter and and joy, eventually turned into more as they began hanging out outside of work.  They became pretty much inseparable within a few months; Nate says “I knew very early on that the amount of love I chose to put forward, that I would receive 110% back to me, so I remember one time I was driving home from work and thinking I’m gonna show her more love than she has every seen before.”  After a few years Nate decided it was time to pop the question, and I’ll let him tell the story: “It was a Tuesday night, which we normally reserve for our date nights.  We had also decided that we would reserve that night for opening our presents–it was still a couple weeks before christmas but we planned it because last year we couldn’t wait, so opened our presents early.  The plan was to go out to dinner.  I sort of last minute told her that I had a reservation for the Blue Orchid. I had the ring in my jacket pocket and I was nervous that she was going to feel it when we embraced.  We wanted to look at Christmas lights so I mentioned we just start at the Christmas tree downtown.  I suggested that she should take a snap video of me walking around the Christmas tree all dorky and whatnot. Then I said, “Hey, I should get one of you going around the tree.” I got down on one knee and got the ring out and told her to go.  She kind of took one step out of the tree, saw me on the ground, and I think her whole body went into shock: her first instinct was to hide behind the tree.  She finally took some slow steps to me and then I asked.”


For their engagement session, they traveled from Nebraska to hang out with me in Kansas City.  They wanted some cool, interesting and unique locations, and KC is full of those 🙂  We started out at Liberty Memorial and then wandered to find fun little spots in the Crossroads.  Because Bethany is an opera singer, we headed to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (which she loved) and then went all the way into downtown to finish off their session.  I can tell that these two spend most of their time together laughing, and it’s really infectious to be around.  They have so much joy in their hearts for each other, which made them amazingly easy subjects to photograph 🙂



It was such a fun evening to hang out with these two, and I cannot wait for their big day in May in Lincoln, Nebraska!



Bethany’s Outfits – Charlotte Rousse & Kohl’s  |  Nate’s Outfits – Target  |  Locations – Liberty Memorial, Kauffman Center, various KC Crossroads locations


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