Sam | Self Love Boudoir Session

April 29, 2020

A boudoir session is just as much about the experience as the final photos. Though the majority of my clients choose to do a boudoir session as a gift, I know deep down that most of them also want to do the session for themselves (and the gift is just a good reason / excuse). But sometimes, I have clients that are ready to fully commit to giving themselves this experience; Sam was one of those clients. For her, the session was more about self love; both feeling it and expressing it. When she explained to me why she wanted to do a session, I was so excited to be part of this self love journey she was on. We planned her session around her, what she loved about herself, and what she wanted to get out of the experience. These are honestly some of my favorite photos ever, and mostly it was because Sam was willing to get really vulnerable with me before and during her session.

She wanted to share a bit more about her story and experience, and I’m so excited to share her photos and her words today:

“I got the idea for thirtieth birthday nude photos when I was twenty-five and my first aerial coach did it. Then I moved to KC for a relationship that ended in violence when I was twenty-eight and that sealed the deal for me. In that time, I had become an aerial coach and performer myself, finding my body in the best shape of its life. My ex didn’t like my muscles as they grew but I did. I had a hunch that I actually looked pretty great, like my body’s finally as strong as I am. 

This photo shoot became a way to celebrate my freedom, my safety, and my body, as well as give a gift to Future Sam: permanent proof, in case I ever forget, of a time when life dealt me a rough hand but I took care of myself in style.

Meghan was so supportive of all I was going through and was clearly a pro at making me feel comfortable while vulnerable. She gave great modeling cues that made me feel beautiful and created the perfect environment for sexy fun. Because it’s fun to get sexy and feel hot! It was fun all over again when I saw the photos. “Who is that? That’s a damn woman, right there!” I am still not used to seeing myself (or being turned on by myself) this way. I’m fierce AND soft and I didn’t know that before. Now I’m reminded every time I glimpse the photos or wear the lingerie around my apartment. I love wearing the lingerie around my apartment. 😉

The whole boudoir experience was more satisfying and empowering than I even thought it would be. Thank you Meghan!”

Are you ready to show your heart, body, and spirit some self love?? I still have session availability for this summer and fall, but email me asap to get your spot!! (

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