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March 1, 2014

This month I met with Andy of Owen Video.  Andy was the first industry professional that I reached out to after moving to MI, and I coudln’t be happier that I did.  All of a sudden I was being invited to industry get togethers left and right, making new friends, and learning from other awesome professioanls in the wedding industry!  As I’ve started begining my new journey into video, he has been wonderfully helpful every step of the way.  Not to mention, he is a seriously amazing and awesome videographer!!


How long have you been a videographer?

I’ve been doing video since 2001, and weddings professionally since 2008.


What got you interested in starting your business?

I was forced into it kicking and screaming. I was laid off, in 2008, from my job with the school district as the video studio director.  A friend loaned me some equipment to finish some weddings that he’d shot that he didn’t want to edit.  And he couldn’t pay me, so he offered me the computer as payment, and then he let me borrow his cameras whenever I wanted.  He nudged me into that direction, originally I wanted to cooperate video but I kind of fell in love with weddings. On accident.  I had no intention on ever being a wedding videographer.  I thought it was your uncle standing in the corner with a tripod, but I love it.


What sets you apart from other videographers in the wedding industry?

The same thing that sets apart every other videographer, and that is you’re working with me.  Just like you’re working with them; who ever you work with.  I think it’s a very personality based industry.  If you like my personality when you meet me we’re going to get along together on your big day.  If you like the videos I shoot, it all kind of stems from who I am as a videographer, as an editor.  I don’t know if I can pinpoint what that is, but it’s me.  I edit, I shoot.  I don’t think it makes me better or worse; if you find me preferable, then it makes me better.


What do you enjoy the most about working in the wedding industry?

As a videographer, I like networking with the other vendors.  I like getting to know talented photographers, talented wedding planners, cool DJs, even florists and cosmetologists.  I enjoy working with people.  For some reason I’ve always enjoyed networking, and I love being able to connect the bride and groom that I’m working with to really talented people in the industry.  Most people are only getting married one time, but they don’t know who’s talented and who’s not, who is good to work with, so this gives me a chance to say, “Ya know what? Meghan is a really talented photographer, you need to talk to Meghan.”  And boom, that person is set.  Or “Hey, check out this florist, I’ve always heard good things from brides.”  I feel like I can be a one stop networking shop for them if I know talented people.


What inspires you?

Hmmm…I really like shooting sunset weddings.  I’ve only done a couple, but a sunset on the beach, those colors inspire me.  I love seeing the pink, orange, blue mixture, so I guess color does.  And personalities inspire me too.  If I’m working with really creative people it just makes my mind explode with ideas.  Whereas when I’m working with people that are not that thrilled to have a videographer, maybe their mom wanted a video of the wedding and they kind of just acknowledge my presence once, it’s hard to put together something really exiting for them, because they don’t feel excited to me.


What is your biggest tip for brides and grooms?

The thing I tell all brides and grooms is meet with your vendors before you book them.  Know that you get along with this person who is going to spend the most important day of your life with you, so that you don’t find they are someone you hate on that day.  Meet with all of your vendors!  At least all the vendors that will be with you, make sure it’s someone you get along with.


What current trend in videography do you like the most?

I actually like avoiding trends.  Now, there’s things I could say, like I like using the DSLRs, or I like having separate audio recorders for all my audio, which really are trends because they didn’t happen 4 years ago.  But, I try to avoid trends in the regard that I want them to watch this video in 30 years and still think it’s good.  Without being cliché, I want it to be timeless.


What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Immediately after the first kiss.  Once they’ve had the first kiss, you see this look of relief wash over their face, like Oh my god we did it!  We’re married, we can enjoy ourselves now.  And they go and have a party for the rest of the day, so I think that moment after the first kiss you can see a weight being lifted off them.


Anything else we should know about you?

I like to have fun with my couples.  I like couples that excited that they’re getting married, that are excited to have a film made of their big day, and are willing to just roll with what the creatives at their wedding want to shoot and provide for them.  People that fully trust in us, are going to get the best product in the end.  Everyone’s going to get a good product, but theirs is one that I will want to feature because I will feel that excitement again and again when I watch their video.


If you’re looking for a videographer in the Central Michigan area, Andy is absolutly your guy!  You can contact him by emailing him at orcheck out his website here!


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