2019 Behind the Scenes

December 31, 2019

It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the year!! I love it so much because it sheds a little light on what it’s really like working with me, and what each of these days felt like from my perspective. It shows how much I smile behind the camera (sometimes my face gets tired) and that I always take the time to make sure each hair is in place. It makes me realize why I love my black dress so much, and that I pretty much have two hair styles for weddings. It makes me laugh because I am short so I end up shooting from above my head or standing on things even more than I’d realized ** shrug ** And lastly, it reminds me of all the sweet people and special moments I had the honor of capturing this year; every one of these couples will live in my heart forever, even if I never see them again (which is the worst thing about being primarily a wedding photographer). I honestly can’t believe 2019 is over, and I have yet another season of weddings under my belt!!! 2019 clients & their families: I’d love to hear any fun or special memories you have of me in the comments!! Thank you to all of the amazing photographers that I had the joy of working with this year, and who took these fantastic photos of me; Sara Foote, Kelsey Cragg, Neyan Babani, Esperanza Dunning, Brigitte Patterson, and Ashley Fouts! These ladies make my job even better, and they work so hard to create beautiful images for my clients. Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!! Bring it on 2020! I could not be more excited about a new decade full of more amazing clients and their families celebrating such special days!


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