Anna | Summer Swimsuit Mini Boudoir Session

February 24, 2021

We all know 2020 was a year that required us to take a look at how we could still serve our clients while keeping everyone involved as safe as possible. In the summer, I was a bit nervous about boudoir sessions in my awesome but small studio space, so I started brainstorming what else I could do. So LONG story short, I came up with these Summer Swimsuit Boudoir Mini Sessions!

I had such a fricken blast getting to photograph some lovely ladies safely in their swimsuit in my backyard last August. I loved getting to share my backyard (which kind of feels like a little oasis) with some stunning ladies getting to cool off and splash around in a blush adult mini pool. There were swimsuits, a bubble gun, a floppy hat, and so many laughs.

I wanted to share just a bit of the gorgeous Anna’s session! She is seriously so stunning!! Her smile is so sweet, but the moment she turns on the serious look she seriously could knock you over! Like holy cow! I tell clients that we always get a bit of smiley and a bit of serious, and this is the perfect example of how everyone can really rock both!

This was seriously so much fun that I’ve decided to do these mini sessions again THIS SUMMER!! I’ve got the pool, I’ve got the bubble gun, and I’m so ready to photograph some ladies in my backyard. I’m currently looking at dates in June 2021. If you’d like to be the FIRST to know the 2021 Summer Swimsuit Mini Dates, and be able to grab your slot first, give me your email address here (I promise I won’t email you about anything else):

Hair & Make-up – Hello Lovely | Pool – Minnidip


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