Chris & Martha | Omaha Nebraska Bridge Proposal

October 16, 2019

I was just about to blog Chris & Martha’s engagement session, but I realized that I had never blogged their proposal and obviously that had to come first!! Moments like this are timeless, and I know they’ll be telling this story for the rest of their lives so I’m ok with it being a little late. These two met walking down the aisle at my wedding (the longer version of this story to come) and so obviously they are both very close friends of my husband and I, and being there for this moment was so special to me! When Chris was ready to propose he called, and we made a plan! He wanted to propose on the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha Nebraska that goes over the Missouri river; they were living in Omaha at the time, but Martha is from Missouri and it has always had a special place in her heart. I knew his plan, and I told him I’d wait on the bridge to capture their special moment. Now here’s the thing…there really aren’t any good hiding places on a bridge. Martha is one of my best friends and I knew she’d recognize me if I didn’t do something to disguise myself! So I wore jogging gear; leggings, earbuds that weren’t plugged into anything, and a puffy vest to hide my camera. I found a good spot a little ways past halfway, and waited to spot them parking and walking toward the bridge. Once I did, I turned my back and started stretching (totally inconspicuous I know). Martha told me later as they were walking up she thought she saw me, but then thought to herself, “but Meghan doesn’t run, that can’t be her!” She’s not wrong, but I’m glad my disguise worked!! They stood there talking for a few minutes, and then Chris got down on one knee and asked Martha to marry him. She said yes and about that time she realized I was there capturing it all. Martha told me later, “Clearly I was a crying mess. It was almost a just wonderful sense of calm though. I could plan out our lives and think about my future as tied into his and it was so comforting.” Chris & Martha also hired me to be their engagement and wedding photographer, but you’ll have to wait for those stories!!

Location – Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge | Engagement Ring – Nebraska Diamond


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