DIY Camera Strap Tutorial

February 18, 2015

I recently decided to pull my mom’s old film camera, circa 1979, to spruce it up and play around a bit.  When I pulled it out one of the first things I noticed was the strap was falling apart!  I found one online that I liked, but it was out of my price range for something that was just a fun project, so I decided to make one myself!  I was so excited about how it turned out, that I made another strap (that is already in the mail for a wonderful friend of mine) so I could share this SUPER EASY tutorial.

what you need:

  • sewing machine

  • seam ripper

  • white, or neutral thread

  • 1 1/2 yards of cotton webbing (I used 1 inch, but 1 1/2 or 2 inch would also work)

  • fabric or Elmers glue

  • glue for metal (I used E6000)

  • tan microfiber purse tabs with rings (EverythingMary brand)

  • silver swiver clasp (EverythingMary brand)

(All supplies were purchased at JoAnn’s.  If you’re really crafty, the tan purse tabs could be replaced with leather)


the steps:

  • decide how long you want your strap to be (mine is 45”), add 4 inches and cut

  • finish off the ends of the cotton webbing with the glue.  I usually put a dab on the end and rub it in with my fingers.

  • open the purse tab by pulling off one side of the metal grommet

  • fold one end down a couple of inches and pin.  Make sure that this will fit inside the purse tab

  • place this over the purse tab and mark where the holes should be.  If you have light colored cotton webbing you can do this with a marker, on this particular strap I put my seam ripper on the spot the grommet should be and made a little hole.

  • replace the tops to the grommets (I put a dab of metal glue these to make sure they weren’t going anywhere)


  • sew along the seams of the purse tabs in a U shape (across the bottom, up one side, back down that side, across the bottom, up the second side, back down that side, across the bottom again)


  • repeat steps with the other end of the strap




I’m so excited to share this fun, and easy DIY project!  It’s one that can be variated to fit your mood and style.  You could even paint the strap a fun design before you put it together!  If you try this out, I’d love to see it!  If you drag and drop a photo into the comment box below a link to it will be created, so share away!



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