August 24, 2014

I had a moment with a fellow photographer friend of mine, when she said that she found an amazing album company.  I asked why she loved it so much, and she’s said “well, it’s just so my brand.”  I realized, that I was having a hard time making decisions for my clients because not only did I really not know what my brand was, but that it wasn’t what I liked.  I made a decision at that point to change my brand to match the most important creative part of my business, me.

This process started with quite a bit of soul searching.  I really wanted a brand that helped communicate more about me, who I am, my style, and what I want to be photographing.  All of this was then culminated into creating a brand that communicated those things to potential clients.  I started picking things that I just liked, and knew that in the end I would have something that I loved and was a great representation of me.

I was so lucky to work with Rachel of Aniya Jade Design Studio.  She put up with my hundreds of emails, nitpickiness, and moments of utter panic.  I am so excited about everything she created for me, and I have been waiting for so long to share.  Besides a new logo, and new website (check it out here), I also have all sorts of new marketing pieces. Here is just a bit of the new look of Spencer Studios.





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